Meet Tiffany

When I first started on my blogging journey, I shared my love for effortlessly chic and comfortable things. Like many of us, I was raised on a steady stream of magazines showing off accessories, lifestyle, and style tips. My love for all things stylish is never-ending, but I realized pretty quickly that my new status as a blogger and influencer needed to include all sides of my life. It was time for self-reflection and transparency: #NoFilter and no sugar coating in sight. 

With a strong cup of coffee in my hand, I am here to show up for you. Lifestyle is still a massive part of what makes this space what it is, but I will no longer be silenced on doing my part to be a good human and make this world a better place. 

Mental Health Advocate 

Sometimes being the best mental health warrior that I can be means reminding you that you are not the only one who sneaks into the bathroom to have a good cry. I’ve learned the hard way that you must prioritize your mental health and honor the validity of your feelings before your body does it for you. I’m committed to being a voice for the voiceless. Sometimes that means learning to be a better advocate for myself! 

Here you’ll get a good sprinkling of advice from my therapist to me to you. Let me talk to you about my real and raw struggles of being an infertility warrior, a blogger on the verge of burn-out, and above all, a real human being. 

Activist for the Black Community

Being an influencer can only get you so far in a world of pretty dresses. In 2020 a revolution was sparked by the murder of George Floyd. I realized I had a platform and a voice that was needed and could no longer be silent on the plight of myself and other Black Americans. Sometimes that voice means teaching my 10-year-old things about the past and present of her people that no child should have to hear. Sometimes it means uplifting business owners of color and featuring more melanated creators wherever I can. Sometimes it means having tough conversations with family, friends, and other influencers. I will continue to yell, curse, and holler for a better future. 

Mom and Wife

On top of balancing my work as a blogger with my full-time job in corporate America, I am also a mother to the best kid I could ask for. I am in constant awe of Bella and am proud to learn from her every day. One day she will help change the world. My husband Jesse is my partner in life, Bella’s daddy, and an outspoken ally for our family and building a better future. We have successfully blended two families using love and respect. Join me through navigating the currents of motherhood and lifelong partnership.

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