2018 Holiday Gift Guide – Blush Version

2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Blush Version

Hello my darlings! I am SO sorry it’s been such a lapse between my post. I have been so sick lately, and it’s only getting worse. Lets pray this is the end of it, as I haven’t even gotten my flu shot yet! Just ugh!

To make it up to you all, this year,  I’ve decided that I would do a little something! You know the same ol’ holiday gift guide you always see on various websites; like Amazon, Nordstrom and Staples? Well I decided to do Holiday Gift Guide Series, featuring themed guides all season long! I will combine all the things we love form the various guides on those sites I mentioned above, but mix it up a bit.  

Now here’s the twist, every week, I will be giving you all themed gift guides, of your choice! It can be based on color, gender, price point, etc. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post with gift guide ideas or feel free to email me or visit my personal/blog Instagram page and send me a message. I’ll be doing this all the way up to New Years, because who doesn’t love a good gift of New Years day?!

2018 Holiday Gift Guide – Blush Version

So first guide of the season was chosen by my sister. She suggested I do a”pink” themed guide initially, as I love all things pink. Naturally I agreed, before she even completed her sentence! So later on that day, while picking up some wine for the holidays, I was wondering around inside total wine and happened upon a bottle of blush wine. And then I thought to myself, I won’t do pink, I’ll do a “Blush” holiday gift guide! Since I am a blushing bride to me after all! Yup. That’s exactly how it happened…I know, my mind works in mysterious ways. 🙂

Up above you’ll notice that the picture is a collage of all the items I’m about to discuss, at the end of this post, you will see the final picture listing short descriptions of all the items. I will tell you all items you’ll find on here vary in price range. The are anywhere from $19.00 – $298.00! I hope you find something perfect for you and your loved ones, co-workers or friend. So without further ado, I present you all with the Blush Version of my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, enjoy!

P.S. Don’t forget, you can shop all these items and my looks by

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Lets dig into this first list. Y’all ready?!

  1. BP Faux Fur Pompom Beanie – $19.00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Blush Version

Your mom, friend, sister, girlfriend….whoever! They need this beanie! You could be talking about a blogger who lives in Tempe, AZ and simply need to get a winter inspired photo. Or know someone who’s living it up in the negative numbers right now, this beanie is on the inexpensive side and waiting for you to gift it!

2. Amazing Grace eau de toilette Ornament by Philosophy – $20.00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Blush Version

How cute would it be to hide a Christmas gift of the tree? This little number is an ornament and perfume all in one!

3. Beis Travel Luggage Tag & Passport Holder Set – $25.00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Blush Version

If you’re planning on vacation, a staycation or too busy to do anything at all, get these and hold them for when you give into your wanderlust or gift them to that friend who is newly engaged, celebrating the 20th anniversary or taking a well deserved singles trip get away!

4. BeautyBio Bright Eyes Set by BeautyBio – $25.00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Blush Version

Be it ‘Offline’ or ‘BRB’ mode, a girl needs her beauty rest! BeautyBio to the rescue! Work on hydrating your under eye, with this de-puffing cooling eye set. Use it at home or take it on the go. Who wouldn’t want this gift?!

5. Cuddle Plush Faux Fur Scuff Slipper by Make + Model – $29.00

Cuddle Plush Faux Fur Scuff Slipper by Make + Model

If you love slippers but prefer not to have your feet enclosed, consider these cute slippers at Nordstroms. They are all available at Target with cute strip detailing.

6. Shiny Pretty Things Nude Mini Lip Gloss Kit by MAC – $29.50

Shiny Pretty Things Nude Mini Lip Gloss Kit by MAC

I am a sucker for MAC gloss, especially their matte ones. But for the holidays I like to go with something a little more glittery but translucent. Consider my wishes granted! This set valued at $40, it’s a no brainier!

7. Winter Wood Plush Throw by Nordstrom At Home – $39.00

Winter Wood Plush Throw by Nordstrom At Home

Once opened, this throw blanket transports you do a scene thats seems like it is straight out of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. You’ll note the silhouette of a beautiful dear, bird and a whimsical forest. I want this not only for my living room but also for my daughters bed. This throw also comes in light gray.

8. Gibson x Glam Squad Tara Bow Detail Velvet Top by GIBSON – $42.00

Gibson x Glam Squad Tara Bow Detail Velvet Top

This is just one piece, created by one of my fav influencers and bloggers Tara Gibson from ‘Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes‘ blog. This top comes in 3 different colors, and is as soft as it looks. Are you guys sensing a trend here? I love all things comfy!

If you all haven’t heard of The Glam Squad, a group of super chic influencers & bloggers then you’re missing out! Gibson teamed up with 9 ladies who are killing the Instagram game to deliver jawdropping, memorable pieces. And what’s even better? They are super affordable! Balling on a budget! Make sure you go to Nordstrom’s and check them out!

9. Velour Jogger Pants by Room Service – $48.00

Velour Jogger Pants

What’s not to love about these? I LOVE comfy pants, especially soft ones, and if I can wear them out, or even to the airport they will be a part of my eternal wardrobe. Who is buying these for me?! MOM! I want to add one more Christmas present to my list!

10. Drap Front Faux Suede Jacket by BLANKNYC – $78.00

Drap Front Faux Suede Jacket

This ultra comfortable and soft jacket comes in 4 difference colors! Depending on you live you’d be able to use it in the dead of winter with an oversized sweater or on a cool summer evening. It’s a functional statement piece ready to complete any girls closet.

11. Acongcuga II Down Vest by The North Face – $99.00

Acongcuga II Down Vest by The North Face

I love everything about this vest, how thin it looks and the color. Do not be fooled by the thinness though, down vest are very good at retaining heat! With an oversized sweater, jeans and some over the knee gray boots – I’d feel like a million bucks. Wouldn’t you?!

12. G-Shock S-Series Ana Digi Watch by G-Shock Baby G – $130.00

G-Shock S-Series Ana Digi Watch by G-Shock Baby G

I know everyone remembers like 12 years ago when G-Shock watches were all the rave. We’ll they are getting to be again and have stepped their game up in a BIG way! With touches of rose gold, a combined digital and analog watch, this beautiful blush colored piece is a casual statement piece.

13. Mini Bailey Bow Sparkle Boot by UGG – $159.95

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

What can I say? Do I even need to say anything? These sparkly beauties speak for themselves and not just in this color! They come in 4 different ones! UGG is constantly changing up the way they draw us women in, and they’ve done it again. These are WOMEN’S UGGs and suitable for any lucky lady, who’s wanting a little sparkle in her life!

14. Small Robinson Leather Tote by Tory Burch – $298.00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

These purse are effortlessly chic and so versatile! It comes in 4 different colors, but this one really caught my eye. I can hear my mom now saying I should get if for one of her “casual bags”…at least she stopped asking me when I was going to buy her a Chanel!

As promised earlier in this post, below is a quick reference guide for all the items I’ve listed with mini descriptions.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

I really hope you all enjoyed these items and do end up purchasing them for yourself or a friend! It was a pleasure as always sharing a part of me with you all!

Until next time!

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