Top 5 Fall Staple Pieces of 2018

Top 5 Fall Staple Pieces of 2018

Hey ya’ll and happy Fall! (Insert cute fall foliage here)

Am I the only one who cannot believe that we are just a few short months away from Christmas and the holiday season? What in the world! I know the season comes the same time every year, but it’s also around the same time every year I am completely dumbfounded when I realize it’s almost that time again. For the moment though, we are embracing fall and all its glory!

Speaking of Fall, as of late I’ve gotten many questions regarding fall staples for this year. So naturally, I decided it was only right to do a post dedicated specifically to that! Below are my top 5 fall staples! We’ve got ankle booties, everythang plaid, chunky (and oh so comforting) sweaters, moto jackets (of all kids) and oversized totes! Because if you’re anything like me, you’re a bag lady and have decided it’s time stop abusing your LV Neverfull purse with all the crap you throw into it!

Enough about my Mary Poppins purse… let’s dig into my top 5 staple pieces for Fall, shall we? First up…ankle booties!

Top 5 Fall Staple Pieces of 2018

1.Ankle Booties     Top 5 Fall Staple Pieces of 2018

Booties of all kinds are welcome! Haha, corny I know. But seriously, y’all booties (no pun intended) are in this year! That makes me happy seeing as about 2 years ago I went crazy purchasing different ankle boots and haven’t had time enough to wear them. Unlike a couple of years ago, more vibrant colors in these shoes are becoming very popular! So if you’re feeling daring? Check out my ‘Shop The Post’ icons at the end of this post to see a pair of beautiful autumn inspired orange pointy-toe booties!

Next up plaid…and I’m not talking 2008 flannel Christmas pajamas!

2. Plaid

Top 5 Fall Staple Pieces of 2018

The fact that this patter is back in makes me do my happy dance! Growing up in Connecticut, around this time of year, plaid, especially flannel was a go-to for me. It was warm but could quickly be turned into a chic outfit by adding some knee-high riding boots and a beautifully made scarf. However plaid isn’t just in where shirts are concerned, plaid is with skirts, scarfs, jackets…etc! Its a plaid free-fall this season! If you’re looking for cute and affordable plaid pieces, I would check out Abercrombie & Fitch, as they’re known for their plaid shirts. If your budget isn’t as tight, then you should march your hips over to Nordstrom and/or J.Crew for some seriously cute plaid!

I embrace all shapes and sizes, so I mean it when I say chunky Is never a bad thing, especially in sweaters!

3. Chunky Sweaters

Chunky Sweaters

Now…if you’re in need of a cuddle buddy and don’t have a dog or significant other…get you a chunky oversized sweater! No, seriously though! What’s better during a crisp autumn morning or a beautiful winter night, than an oversized sweater, pair of skinny jeans and statement earrings? Not too much, besides chocolate! I for one prefer when my sleeves start to slip over my hands, it’s almost comforting. If you prefer that as well, then a chunky sweater is the way to go. Nordstrom’s has a host of chunky sweaters & cardigans and the best part? You can earn points while shopping with them. This week Nordstrom introduced “The Nordy Club“, their new and ultra impressive rewards program, giving back to their loyal clients and frequent shopper! Make sure you check it out!

Next up…the super sleek and oh so cool, moto jackets! I’m not too sure why, Bonnie Tyler’s, “Holding Out for a Hero”, just popped in my head but it did. And I’m enjoying humming it annoyingly as my daughter, Bella looks at me like I am a lunatic.

4. Moto Jackets

Chunky Sweaters

Moto jackets, I could go on and on about them. But I won’t bore you all. Moto jackets have been everywhere on the runway and in stores this season, especially suede! The ultra soft and rich looking material is a staple piece I feel for any colder season, but especially now. The tobacco color above is also one that is very popular this year, along with cognac. Majority of the moto jackets I’ve found are running roughly $150-$200. However, I recently found a beautiful one at TJ Maxx for $99.99! If you look below I have linked some of the more expensive jackets as well as some of the inexpensive ones that I either own or am looking to purchase.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about oversized totes, or Mary Poppin bags as I call them because we put EVERYTHING in them! Especially us moms!

5. Oversized Totes

Oversized Totes

My disclaimer above pretty much says it all! Oversized totes rarely go out of style, but opposite of this spring and small clutches being all the rave, oversized purse are back in the spotlight! I have some beautiful premier designer totes, but I’ve found that I tend to beat them up…A LOT. As such, I started looking for inexpensive (expensive looking) oversized totes that I could carry everything under the kitchen sink in and not have to break the bank or worry that my swanky purse would be accidentally ruined when I spilled coffee on it (true story for another day).

This color again is one of those sought after, rich, eye-catching colors within the cognac family but is more of a butterscotch. It can pair well with: burgundy, brown or black and can be dressed up or down. Best part? It’s faux leather! But for my more sophisticated shoppers with a plushier budget, I have linked below a beautiful Burberry medium-sized tote, featuring the well known oversized check pattern and original colors.

I hope you guys loved the suggestions and pieces as much as I do! Until next time!

Until next time!

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