Nordy’s 2019 Winter Sale

Nordys 2019 Winter Sale

Nordy’s 2019 Winter Sale

Hey again, your favorite Yankee of the South here. Welcome back my blog, aka the Suburbs of the South!

Seriously guys, I honestly thought living in Connecticut for 24 years of my 28 (almost 29 years) would prepare me for ANY type of weather….but let me just say…for the first time in awhile, I was WRONG! I literally cannot keep up with North Carolina weather, so much so that I have whip lash! It was SO beautiful last week, in the mid 70’s and now I am freezing my little tushy off! It’s cold and raining and depressing.

So to cheer myself up, I am indulging in some online retail therapy! First up, Nordy’s 2019 Winter Sale!

I look forward to any and all Nordstrom’s sales, but my top 3 favorite of theirs is the: Winter Sale, Half Yearly Sale and the Annual Sale. Since it is (unfortunately) ending tomorrow, I want to get these finds up here for you all! Review and go shop to your heart’s content!

Until next time!

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