Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers

Let me just start this post off by saying…this entire process of redesigning my engagement ring was SO AMAZING! There are a ton of great reputable jewelers out there. However I decided to go with one that I’ve loved for about 3 years now, Happy Jewelers of Fullerton, California.

Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers

Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers

So a little bit about Happy Jewelers…

Happy Jewelers is a jewelry company owned by two brothers and supported by a group of boss ladies! Happy’s actual store is in Fullerton, CA and their factory is in Los Angeles, CA. In business since 1973, they know their stuff! They sell wholesale and retail jewelry in addition to making custom pieces. Yup you read that right, ANY custom piece you can dream up, Happy’s can and will make! Speaking of custom pieces, one of their Jewelers is always supporting custom pieces that has me constantly drooling! Ya’ll she is literally my fav! Her name is Hayley Larue Baray aka Blondie In The City! I had the pleasure of working with her on this new setting and another custom piece I cannot wait to unveil.

Now a little bit OR a lot, about my engagement ring…

I have always been in love with my engagement ring, from the night Jesse proposed until now! I recall specifically asking Jesse for a very thin and dainty band and he came through for the win, hon-tea!

But the more I looked at my band I found that it was just a little too thing for my liking, but I promised Jesse I would give it some time. Fast forward to present day, I was still jonesing for a thicker band with slightly larger diamonds and a Cathedral Setting vs Solitare Setting , which is what I originally had.

So when Jesse told me I deserved to upgrade the setting of my engagement ring (not my actual center stone) I was overjoyed! His only ask was that I go with a Jeweler that I can trust and know. In comes Happy Jewelers! I submitted an inquiry on Happy’s site and requested to work with Hayley specifically. Though they are located in CA, I was able to ship my ring to Happy’s with a pre-paid FedEx shipping label courtesy of Happy’s.

The Process of Redesigning My Engagement Ring…

From there Hayley kept in constant contact with me about my ring, providing ideas, cost and updates. Once she and I, traded ideas back and forth – we settled on a final design. I was completely in love with my new setting, even before I saw it in person.

Haley not only sent me photos but also a video of what my ring would likely look like. Then once my ring was actually complete the store called me and then Haley personally sent me a text and a beautiful video of my ring. My response was GIFs in Emojis. It is absolutely safe to say, Haley has made a customer for life!

6 additional things I LOVE about Happy Jewelers…

  1. One of the best things about Happy’s? When you purchase a pieces from them, it always keeps it’s value – when/if you want to UPGRADE in the future! So literally what you paid for the piece, the full value is put towards your upgrade. This included rings, earring and other pieces as well.
  2. If any side stone ever comes out of a piece you purchased from them, they ALWAY replace it for you at no charge
  3. All repairs are always covered by them
  4. You get FREE lifetime cleansing, polishings and maintenance
  5. AND they cover ALL shipping cost within the U.S.
  6. You can shop (some pieces not all) ANYTIME, ANYDAY by visiting their shop on Etsy

Pictured below is the Happy Jeweler’s Crew, my jeweler Hayley is the bribed that is pictured to the far left.

Happy Jewelers
Credit: Happy Jewelers

New Ring…Who Dis?…

SHE.HER.MY RANG!!! I haven’t actually named her yet, but ya’ll know I am ridiculous, I will! Haha anyhow HRH (Her Royal Highness) is finally back! And Happy’s did NOT disappoint! They shipped her 2nd Day Air, in a beautiful pink ring box, with a LED light on the inside. WOW! I am impressed! HRH is better than EVER!

As I mentioned before, I decided to get a slightly thicker band, this one being 2.5mm and a Cathedral setting and diamond on 3/4 of the band. I decided NOT to do an eternity band on my engagement ring. But I did do two eternity band for my wedding bands. One is a micro pave design and the other is a two prong diamond band.

But enough from me, ya’ll take a look for yourselves and comment below to tell me what you think!

Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers
Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers
Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers

All in all, I have nothing but great things to say about Happy Jewelers and Hayley, collaborating with them, was an absolute dream! Make sure ya’ll check out their Instagram pages and if you ever work with them, tell them Tiffany sent you!

Be on the lookout for future post featuring other pieces I purchase from Happy’s in the coming weeks. But for now, let us take another moment to bask in the beauty of HRH…insert catchy name here. Hopefully by my next post I’ll have a name of her!

Until next time!


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