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7 Ways to Organically Grow your Followers on Instagram

woman in her kitchen to share Grow your Followers on Instagram
7 Ways to Organically Grow your Followers on Instagram
woman sitting in the kitchen to share Grow your Followers on Instagram
woman sitting in the kitchen and holding her bag to share Grow your Followers on Instagram
7 Ways to Organically Grow your Followers on Instagram

So you want to grow on Instagram but don’t know where to start. Okay sis – lets talk about it! Obviously it’s a bit of a pain right now, I know, believe me. But growing your following on Instagram has so many benefits! As an influencer, companies will pay you big buck if they know that you can reach a ton of people. Instagram hasn’t yet surpassed Facebook in user count, but there are still over a billion monthly users. That means there’s so much untapped potential out there for you and your influence.

So many people don’t understand the ins and outs of Instagram and how to properly take advantage of their algorithms. The algorithms haven’t been created to make things MORE difficult for Instagram users that are trying to grow their follower count, but they don’t exactly make it easy, either. 

Luckily, you guys have got me! I might not be verified on Instagram (yet!), but I have grown my follower count exponentially in the last few years. The most important thing that I’ve come to learn is that you can’t grow your follower count in Instagram by working alone. Creating a network of Instagram influencers that you can bounce off of is one of the most effective ways to grow your followers!

collage with laptop and text 7 Ways to Organically Grow your Followers on Instagram
7 Ways to Organically Grow your Followers on Instagram
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7 Ways to Organically Grow your Followers on Instagram

Make Sharable Content

Can’t stress this enough! Sharable content is on the move in 2021. More and more you’re seeing quotes, recipes, tips and more. In February of 2020, Later Media, predicted that Sharable Content/Info Graphics were on the rise. They also predicted they’d huge in 2021. They were NOT wrong! A lot of influencers are seeing serious engagement and growth from their Sharable Content, they’ve posted. Make the content authentic and true to you! Maybe your following looks to you for a list of seasonal closet staples? Make a fun graphic with pieces of clothing listing out this seasons must have pieces! One of my favorite creators who shares awesome sharable content is Cathy of Poor Little It Girl. Moral of the story – make and post content that YOU would want to re-share!

Create IG Reels

I can go on a whole tandem about this! But if you’re wanting to grow on Instagram, especially in 2021, you NEED to be showing up on IG Reels. If you aren’t familiar with Reels, it’s Instagrams version of TikTok, and they are pushing it hard. There are 3 types of IG Reels: Educational, Inspirational or Entertaining. You don’t have to stick to just one type of IG Reels. You’ll want to create Reels that resonate with your current audience; and new audience you’re trying to draw in. I have a blog post coming later this week on how to show up on Reels! As well as how to repurpose your TikTok on Reels! But if you haven’t already, check out Sofi of ThatSoSofi on Instagram for Reel Inspo!

Intentional Giveaways

Intentional Giveaways can be a great way to grow your follower count, and if done strategically they help your engagement, too. Instagram’s new algorithm favors people who have posts; post that get a lot of likes and comments. Not necessarily those who have the most followers. 

You can do it all on your own, but working with other people give you better exposure! This is not necessarily the same as a LOOP giveaway – those usually include having to follow a TON of accounts. Also, when partnering with other Influencers/Bloggers, make sure you are in similar niches. This will give you a better chance of gaining and keeping followers.

How to host a giveaway with other influencers:

1. Collab with other influencers to create an awesome package to give away to a lucky winner. Keep it simple and partner up with no more than four other accounts. 

2. Create rules for entry that are geared toward guaranteeing you’ll be seen or followed by the participants. For example, “tag your bestie!” or “all participants must be following me and the other accounts hosting this giveaway.”

3. Post the giveaway on your profile and in your story. Keep the giveaway featured in your story every day until the winner is selected.

One creator who speaks opens about NOT doing loop giveaways (because they are a vicious cycle), but does fun small giveaways with other creators is Carmen C. of CarmenReneeBlog on Instagram.

Repost Other Influencers and Bloggers

“Regramming” others’ posts can have just as much impact as creating original content – sometimes more! When sharing content that other influencers post, it can help to make them notice you. And give you an opportunity for them to repost your content, which opens you up to all of their followers. 

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t make it super easy to share other’s content, unless you’re posting it on your stories. If you want to repost another user’s content onto your feed, you’ll have to use a third-party app like Repost. Or you can do as I have done and do a carousel post. This is a post where you are posting more than one photo. Make the initial photo yourself, something on brand with your feed. Next post the photo of the influencer/blogger you’re wanting to “regramm.” Don’t forget to tag them.

When you repost another influencer’s post, make sure to use their relevant hashtags! That way, when people are searching through their hashtag(s), they’ll find your profile and hopefully hit that follow button. One influencer who does a great job of partnering with other influencers within the same niche is Tomi of GoodTomiCha over on Instagram.

Try-on Hauls with Other Influencers

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and strutting around the house like you’re on a runway? Obviously right now we have no where to go, so it’s nicer than usual! Utilizing IGTV, Reels and/or Stories, to do a tyron haul or test new products; is a great way to get eyeballs on your page. 

I think that it’s really valuable to work with influencers of all platform different sizes. According to Later Media – in 2021 working with micro-influencers (10k – 100K followers), will be the most beneficial to growing your follower count. A lot of brands are finding that these influencers/bloggers followers are much more engaged and connected to the creator. Plus, how much fun will it be to watch each other grow from a few hundred follower – to your dream number? One of my favorite follows, Taryn of TarynTruly on Instagram does an amazing job of partnering with other creators through her #midsizethelook Monday series!

Instagram Takeovers

Instagram takeovers stared out as a way for brands and influencers to collaborate with each other. However more and more people are Instagram takeovers have become a key aspect of well known creators, Instagram marketing strategy. 

An Instagram takeover is when one user takes control of another account for a certain amount of time. Usually, it’s a few hours to a day. During this time, the user that has “taken over” the account can talk about things that are important to them. They can also promote themselves or their brand, and have valuable discussions, with a whole new group of followers. 

Instagram takeovers work so well because both the person who is “taking over” an account, AND the host get to reap the benefits. On one hand, the host account gets to provide their followers with some fresh, valuable content. On the other, the account that is doing the takeover has the ability to tap into an audience that may been unreachable. 

If you’re wondering who to collab with for a takeover, there are so many options out there! Some examples of what that looks like are:

1. Appearing on another influencer’s page, to bring some exciting content to their followers that you know they’ll appreciate.

2. Taking over an activist’s page that speaks to you, and discuss your support for their cause and what it means to you.

3. Or you could even takeover a brand’s page, to talk about how their products have changed your life!

If I am in doubt about how to show up on social, I turn to my good friend – and AMAZING creator, Caralyn Mirand Koch of CaralynMirand on Instagram. She’s recently did a takeover of sorts with Nordstrom – where she streamed live with them chat about the #properlyfittingbraclub and all things Valentine’s Day Looks!

I am guess by the end of this post you’ve realized that, growing your Instagram following organically isn’t something that happens overnight. More than likely, it’s going to take time for people to find you, and for you to make a name for yourself. And although growing your Instagram following is a long game, it’s one that is WORTH IT. Especially if you’re interested in being an influencer! Instagram can be a great marketing tool in your branding belt, but don’t get TOO focus on it that you forget your other platforms and blog. You also want to ensure you’re putting energy into the things you own, like your website.

Don’t get discouraged! Be consistent, be patient and, most importantly, be YOURSELF! And as always, if you’re on Instagram at tiffanyturnermoon – make sure to follow me and send me a DM, so I can make sure to follow you back and support!

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